How How Film Production
Film and animation production How How is a film production studio. We also create, and you can say that above all animations both in 2D technique, often called drawing, as well as in 3D or spatial technique. Our studio is located in Pozna?. In his very heart. From the windows we have a beautiful view of the surrounding park, but at the same time close especially to customers who would like to visit us and drink coffee. It should be added that we brew great coffee! The high artistic level is primarily due to the creative team. We are a team of cartoonists, storyboarders, animators, motion designers and editors. In addition to the permanent composition, we use the services of experienced and recognized operators, directors and screenwriters. We have been on the film and animation production market for many long years. The largest brands in Poland have trusted us, although we are constantly expanding our portfolio with new ones. We produce advertising films, corporate films, television spots, sponsorship billboards, promotional and image films. On the occasion of film productions, we also carry out photographic product sessions both in our photo hall and in external scenery. In addition to live action movies, we specialize in animation. . We produce 2D animated films and 3D animations. We use animation to promote products and services by creating explainery video. We produce animated music videos for children. In addition to strictly commercial activities, we also support independent cinema and train young film students. Enjoy coffee at How How. We will advise you on what film production will be best for you.
Member count: 11-50