How 2 Ventures
Blockchain Venture Capital, and Digital Assets & Cryptocurrency Hedge Fund How 2 Ventures LLC, founded in response to the ?Blockchain Boom? of 2017 and thriving on the strategy of Founder & CEO, Nic Howery. How 2 Ventures is appropriately positioned to capitalize on the birth of this industry. The volatility of the market has scared off many amateurs investors but How 2 Ventures has thrived off of the waves of fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Known as FUD in the industry, and predictable if one learns where to look. How 2 Ventures will focus on five areas of investment within the Blockchain, and Digital Asset & Cryptocurrency markets: 1. Emerging tech(pre-ICO & ICO investments). 2. Established blockchain network digital assets & cryptocurrencies(splits, airdrops, and more). 3. Emerging blockchain network digital assets & cryptocurrencies(growth, adoption, and more). 4. Waves in the market from Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt((FUD) BTC, ETH vs. alt.). 5. Swings in the market, based on alpha theory and fundamental investment teachings(-2, -1, 0, 1, 2).
Total raised: $12K