Horn® is a live social voice platform. Each horn channel is a place to meet and speak live with people from around the globe with common interests. Start your own channel and you can moderate the experience for your visitors. Make your friends moderators and they will also be able to mute, boot or ban other users in the channel. Horn brings the power of live voice; the classic Party Line, HAM and CB Radio to the Internet! Horn's panel mode lets you run your own talk show. You can record and download your show using our integrations with Google Drive, Dropbox and Soundcloud! Podcasters, this is the next evolution in podcasting! Engage a global audience in your show by including them in the discussion, live! Horn was designed from the ground up to be language independent. Finally there is a place that speakers of Tel'Quessir and Klingon can meet up to omenta and jatlh. It’s also a great place to learn from others. Our icon driven interface means that horn is equally confusing in all languages. :) Horn requires an account with one of the following: Reddit, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Github, Weibo, or Yahoo Horn is available on Mobile: iOS, Android and Desktop: Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Opera.
Location: United States, Florida, Sarasota
Member count: 11-50
Founded date: 2012

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