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The B2B warehouse sharing platform for fashion shops Hopstok is a hi-tech web application that creates the first online network among independent multi-brand boutiques and allows them to exchange goods between each other in order to have the right product at the right time for their customers. Hopstok target also fashion companies that can improve, control and gain data from the wholesale distribution. 1/3 a CRM, 1/3 a marketplace, 1/3 and ERP, Hopstok is the right solution to bring ?brick and mortar? stores towards omni-channel retail strategy and finally be more competitive in the whole fashion distribution scenario. The shifting of merchandise between stores is one of the keys to success of large retail chains as Zara and H&M, and Hopstok is making it possible within the reach of independent shops. Hopstok also gives stores the opportunity to prevent leftovers, restock merchandise, optimize their assortment and increase margins during the season. Hopstok manages also the entire logistic process and the invoicing process.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $115K