Building local communities through news Hoodline covers street-level news where people live, work and play in San Francisco, using a special blend of journalism and technology. We now have one of the largest audiences in the city, with more than 300,000 mostly local readers per month. Our freelance editorial network gives us feet on the ground to cover stories in each of our 30 city neighborhoods. Our content management system, city data tools, and other products help us break news and tell the most relevant local stories at scale. We have new monetization insights. We're providing better local context to rental and real estate sites via tailored Hoodline neighborhood news and information widgets. This gives prospective buyers and renters a deeper sense for the neighborhood and happenings around any listing. We're also launching a neighborhood membership program that gives readers special access to events, menu items and deals, and sends more foot traffic to local businesses. More details in our deck below.
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Total raised: $11.6M

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17.11.2015-$1.6M-To Go Afte...

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