Homes Under Budget
Bringing interiors affordable! In a city like Bangalore, budget homeowners and rented tenants dream of having a beautiful home interiors. But getting interiors done is a luxury choice when it?s come cost. There are companies design modular interiors in high end prices where middle class people cannot afford. Subsequently they have an option of reaching out to local carpenters. But unmet timelines, incompetent finishing and not having guaranty on the product are the head aches people are reluctant to approach manual carpentry works. For them, Homes Under Budget (HUB) is a perfect go-to solution. At HUB, we make living beautiful space is accessible to everyone. We?ve broken the rules of lengthy, unorganised and costly interior design consultations. Yes, we build factory made top quality modular interior designs at a purely affordable cost. Many out there in the city like Bangalore, where they come to study, get a job, get married and settle down here eventually in a rental home. Even they have dreams to design their small space like the way they wanted. But unfortunately no company does rental interiors in the country. Or else quotes from the interior designing companies are 10 times higher than the deposit money they would have paid. HUB has taken a kind step to make their wish come true. We design rental homes at pocket friendly cost. Rental interior packages start with just 20k as affordable as their home rent. Our mission is to make interior designing purely affordable to everyone and our efforts will be guided by uncompromising quality and commitment to transparency & honesty. Turning every corners of a home, be it rented or owned, into a lively space with new stories begin with our touch.
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