Home Internet Security Device and Services that block internet attacks after powered on Home internet security has been a secondary thought in the world. Although technology constantly bleeds into the home atmosphere; most if not all home users are vulnerable to internet attacks. This vulnerability is due to the fact that users do not know how to secure their own technology and the home residence lacks strong security services. As companies move towards a work from home environment, the need to improve home internet security will rise. HomeSirens is the new innovation to tackle this problem. HomeSirens is a physical security device with built in security applications that watches internet traffic for attacks and blocks it. HomeSirens is placed before the home wifi router; providing the internet connectivity. With HomeSirens in front of the home wifi router, it can monitor the home and world wide web for any threats. HomeSirens is designed to auto configure itself on power up, and then analyze all internet traffic for attacks. Once a day, HomeSirens will perform a once a day update from our cloud server as part of the subscription service. HomeSirens Highlights: ? 3D Systems Event o December 2019 - Innovation Open House for State of South Carolina by 3D Systems (3D Printing): Represented HomeSirens to State of South Carolina Economic Development Center ? First Prototype o May 2019 ? HomeSirens pilot prototype device completed. State of South Carolina testing only. ? First Pilot o June 2019 ? HomeSirens goes on US National road tour, testing in various states and home environments ? Consumer Electronics Show 2020 o January 2020 - ? United States Pilot o February 2020 ? More HomeSirens devices have been produced for pre-launch testing. Active clients and subscriptions in play o March 2020 ? Covid 19 relief. HomeSirens has not charged any clients due to this new situation. HomeSirens is actively looking for ?Pre-Seed / Seed? funding of 500k or more to get this business into full operations.
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