Holonic Systems

Turning physical context to musical content - Become sound! Based on a bioinformed, systemic approach to music, we use affective and physical computing to drive the evolution of music; how it is produced, performed and consumed in the 2020s and beyond. Holon is our B2C product, which reached Top 10 in several countries in Europe and SE Asia during its pilot phase. Using movement and other signals, Holon creates adaptive synth music that accompanies and sometimes drives your daily activities. Holon.ist is our professional B2B/B2B2C authoring platform for interactive, functional music productions. With API/Unity releases in the pipeline, Holon.ist currently runs on iOS with several desktop integrations available, such as Reaktor and Ableton Live. We are a Suunto Movesense partner, supporting their latest Movesense smart sensors, along with a growing number of other innovative third party devices, including Bose AR.
Member count: 1-10