Nuna's vision is to make mental healthcare simple, easy and accessible for all. Discovering the right expert is hard, but it shouldn't be. Nuna takes the guesswork out of this process and helps people connect with the right expert, even if right expert doesn't live in the same city. If you're a mental healthcare expert, you can join us @ expert.holanuna.com Si eres un experto en salud mental, puedes unirte a nosotros @ expert.holanuna.com Our vision includes everyone seeking mental healthcare and also mental healthcare professionals. We are grateful to be joined by credible, trusted mental healthcare professionals across countries, who use Nuna to provide quality mental healthcare, both online and in-person. We're an early stage startup founded in May 2020. We’re based in Barcelona, Spain but are building mental healthcare solutions for the world. We're grateful to be entrusted by well known venture partners, K Fund and JME ventures. Our open roles are listed here: https://bit.ly/2UhMSsL
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