Discovery in mental healthcare Nuna's a B2C SaaS enabled marketplace. Users discover the right therapist and therapists using Nuna have no need to use any other tool (Appointments, chat, secure video, patient history, automation of documents, new clients) We solve these problems: Users: 1) Finding the right therapist in "atenci?n presencial" (traditional visits) is hard. Almost 40% of people drop out of therapy due to mismatches or not getting the right mode of treatment 2) Aside from this, many drop out of therapy for other reasons ? About 15% of people don?t take treatment due to lack of time or availability ? 60% of patient?s requests are outside the schedule of therapists ? Lack of availability during sudden needs of anxiety or depression (Lack of continuity) 3) Therapists have sporadic demand (It's a supply constrained market) Almost 50% of therapists are not fully 100% active to this profession in Spain 4) Therapists have many generic tools, but none specific to mental healthcare (the process of healing, documentation (consent, "historia clinicas", audio to text technology are all unique to this field)
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