The People's Exchange
The first and only place to trade Google Ventures backed Helium Systems HNT Utility Tokens The People's Exchange is a crypto asset exchange that provides the first online trading market for HNT, the native utility token of the Helium blockchain (Helium Systems Inc.). As a next-generation trading platform, eligible users worldwide can easily access trading services by creating an account and verifying identity. Once registered, users can deposit, trade and transfer HNT utility tokens against a US dollar-pegged crypto asset, USDT. The company also intends to list additional [crypto] trading pairs post-launch but will not support fiat currencies. Furthermore, all user deposits are protected and insured by a trusted third-party custodian service. The company?s primary objective is to become the leading exchange and liquidity provider for HNT utility tokens. This will be accomplished by capitalizing on the rapid growth and market demand of the Helium network. Examples of this growth include leading companies adopting the Helium network (Nestle, Lime and InvisiLeash) and a robust Helium community of 3,200+ individual hotspot owners. Without an existing trading market to buy or sell HNT utility tokens, a significant market opportunity exists for The People?s Exchange to quickly establish liquidity and gain market share. Company revenue will be generated from user transaction fees that are paid each time a trade is executed on the platform.
Member count: 1-10