Revolutionizing App Development For Teams Hive Media LLC (Hive) is a data analytics and project management company specifically targeting the software development market. Hive?s core product is the Hive Engine, a software development and measurement platform that is used as the structure for three distinct, yet linked offerings: (HiveApps), (HivePro) and (HiveData). This platform is designed to provide streamlined development tools that not only enable teams to work together more efficiently, but more importantly, offer visibility into their development processes through measurement and analysis of key metrics collected through Hive to give visibility to the performance, work habits and efficiency of development teams. All Hive products are designed to allow for low, or no, administrative overhead and to be nearly entirely self-sustaining, resulting in extremely high profit margins across all products. We currently have 100% of our software development focused on the launch of HiveApps.