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Welcome to the New Decade and your New Domain. At Hiro, we are revolutionizing the future of the internet. Hiro is the company that is ushering in the newest digital age, giving organizations the opportunity to buy, sell, and utilize the pure emoji domain that best represents them. For the first time ever, companies are able to communicate with their audience and brand themselves across the web using emojis. Through Hiro, your brand identity will become truly borderless. As the universal character set shared between every human being on the planet, emojis transcend borders, languages, and technology. Yet until now, businesses and consumers have not been able to register and meaningfully use emoji domains. While English may be the language of business, emojis are the language of culture and emotion. As the exclusive domain registrar of pure emoji domains, Hiro gives companies and consumers alike the opportunity to purchase and register their unique emoji domain comprised of any combination of up to nine emojis. With Hiro’s technology, there is no need for a .com, .net, or dot anything – Just emoji and go. Let the world know who you are. Own your emoji, and expand your domain with Hiro.
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Location: Australia, New South Wales, Scottsdale
Employees: 1-10
Founded date: 2019