Online platform for people with disability to find, hire and manage support workers Founded in 2015 and based in Sydney, Hireup is a trusted online platform and community for people with disability and their families to find, hire and manage support workers that fit their needs and share their interests. Whether it?s support with getting to work, catching a local footy game or taking the scenic route, Hireup gives people the tools needed to live the most flexible, seamless and supported life possible. With over 75,000 registered users in communities all across Australia, Hireup is a national network of local supports. As a purpose-led organisation, we promote a culture defined by its humanity, curiosity and creativity, and allow this to infuse our services, product and people. We understand the important role technology plays in connecting people. For us, it?s not only about creating the most elegant, intuitive, accessible and powerful peer-to-peer platform in Australia; but to ensure we are building an efficient and lean model that maximises choice and control.
Member count: 1-10