We all have our differences but we are all just people. We just want to be ourselves, like what we like, and live how we want to live. The arts are not only a reflection of the world, it drives our culture forward. How we dress, what we listen to, what we admire, what inspires us, what makes us happy and gives us energy, is a representation of who we are and is unique from person to person. No two people are the same, and we love that! And when we decide to be ourselves, and not care what anyone thinks, and openly share the things we enjoy and are into, we start to see that we're not alone. There is someone out there that likes the same thing you like. There is actually some things you can totally agree on with the person who you thought you have nothing in common with. We start to relate, and see that we are all connected. We all one to belong, and while we tend to hide our true self in order to fit in, turns out being yourself and raising your own flag is the way to make real connections and truly belong.
Location: United States, New York
Member count: 11-50