Conversational Approach to Anything Easily build, train & deploy chatbots to do pretty much anything, in just minutes. Coren focuses on making chatbots accessible to anyone, without a hassle. Businesses can use chatbots to automate repeated tasks on their website. From answering questions to providing support & engaging potential customers in a predefined conversation to boost conversion/sales rates and much more. With bot pages, anyone can use chatbots, without having to use a particular channel (eg: Facebook, Slack, Skype, own website etc). By sharing the link of your bot page, anyone can access and interact with your chatbots. To better serve the goal of making chatbots easily accessible to anyone, we incorporate a collaborative environment to connect users who can build chatbot and those who want to use chatbots, but for some reason cannot build one. Coren also provides a bot store that allows users to access (Free or Paid) Flow templates built by other users.