Helpers Near Me enables millions of underprivileged and unorganized blue-collar workforce in finding local employment, free of cost, directly from the nearby employers, and without the middlemen in between. In turn, Helpers Near Me ends up organizing the industry for millions of Households, Small Business Owners and Corporates. In a way which makes it easier, quicker, reliable & cost-effective for the employers to find & hire nearby Blue-collar Workers, again without the middlemen in between. With a larger vision to end poverty, forced labour, worker's exploitation, and human trafficking, Helpers Near Me is working towards creating an ecosystem of inclusive economic growth for the underprivileged unorganised workforce of India. The platform uses complex algorithms via its different digital platforms as a medium to establish a direct Employer-Worker connect. Helpers Near Me also works closely with Government bodies and a few NGOs towards improving the lives of the Blue-collar workforce of India. Helpers Near Me helps in establishing the Employer-Worker connects in a fairly organised way, at a local level, which allows both Men & Women Workers to connect directly with the nearby Employers. This process and the algorithm behind it enable the Workers to find relevant work opportunities for themselves, straight from nearby Employers. In the long run, having enough options for employment from around allows the Workers to find a better working environment and better salaries for themselves, and an opportunity to improve their quality of life.
Location: India, Delhi, New Delhi
Member count: 11-50
Phone: +91 98114 42001
Founded date: 2016