HIVE DIVERSITY is a first of its kind virtual recruiting platform that creates meaningful engagement between companies and the next generation of talent - one community of students and recent graduates that represents an ever-evolving range of diverse backgrounds, experiences and interests. Students and Recent Graduates uniquely demonstrate their commitment to potential employers by completing our proprietary HIVE5 Process focused on career and DEI preparation. In the process, they also create a perfectly formatted resume and digital profile that highlights and showcases their individual identities, interests and achievements to potential employers in an unprecedented and innovative way. HIVE’s employer experience enhances companies’ visibility to—and interest from—the next generation of talent. With the assistance of Helper B, companies in the HIVE learn how to access even more candidates and are able to understand a great deal more about all potential and ever-evolving priorities of representation. Companies in the HIVE all share one thing in common—they are excited about proactively engaging the next generation of talent through HIVE DIVERSITY. Just like a simple definition of a hive, this is THE place where individuals can come together and work collectively toward a common goal—producing something pretty sweet. HIVE DIVERSITY is headquartered in New York City with employees based in Atlanta, New Orleans, Dallas, New York, San Francisco, Chicago and St. Louis.
Member count: 11-50
Founded date: 2014

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