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We are building Fridai, the Gamer Assistant Fridai (spelled like Friday) is a friendly and super-helpful AI voice-powered assistant for video gamers. It lives in the PC and provides a seamless solution for game-related tasks, without interrupting the game experience. More than just a robotic assistant, Fridai is a companion who?s always ready to help. Gamers perform repetitive manual tasks in each gaming session, like setting up streams, recording video clips, or searching game guides for help when they?re stuck. Fridai automates all those and more, through a friendly AI voice personality and slick user interface. Fridai is the future that gamers have been looking for. Faced with growing demands from their streaming audiences, ever-more-competitive opponents, and even more immersive game worlds, gamers have enough dragons to slay - administration doesn?t need to be one of them. Fridai - Game on!
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Total raised: $205K

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