Diagnostics of network equipment Heejy is a complex equipment designed for diagnosing and helping in troubleshooting network problems. Functions and capabilities of Heejy complex : Detection of cable breaks to the nearest equipment Power failure detection Checking the temperature of the equipment. Detection of equipment overheating or overcooling. Remote physical reboot of network equipment Automatic notification of the Call Center and Technical Support (NOC) about all events with network equipment Automatic physical reboot of Heejy Client (if it froze you don`t need to go to restart it) Measuring the delay in the transmission of packets between network equipment. Display of minimum, average and maximum delay Notifications about loss of packets when they are transferred Variable packet sizes that pings network equipment Video demonstration of how the prototype works:youtu.be/HDCVkbczSW8 The project stage is a PROTOTYPE.
Member count: 1-10