Heart of Gold Labs

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Developing data-driven cannabinoid products Heart of Gold Labs intends to engage in research, manufacturing, and production of downstream cannabinoid products (sans THC for now) at the highest level of quality and compliance obtainable. Our current product line consists of carefully formulated tinctures and nano emulsions, and auxiliary business endeavors such as hemp/cannabis specific marketing and premium hemp flower distribution to retailers in Texas. We are looking to continue development of a cannabinoid-infused supplement powder with intent to take this product to market by Fall 2020. We are also in the process of moving our manufacturing and research operations to central Texas in a facility adjacent to Texas A&M University to take advantage of our staff connections and public-private research opportunities. From this position we will tool out our manufacturing facility, boot up our extraction and processing facility, and begin executing on research and product development directives. These directives will focus on currently unfulfilled markets within the space, specifically in areas of targeted nano particle delivery systems using cannabinoids and their derivatives and the biosynthesis of cannabinoid compounds with the objective being industrial scale production for research and pharmaceutical applications.
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