HealthSous - Your Fitness Assistant
Seeking Funds to tab US$9255Mn Market Our product consists of four verticals: Physical Fitness Guidance, Intermittent Fasting, Online Nutritive Salads Delivery and Event Passes. Physical Fitness Guidance: Based on the users BMI, target and daily habit, daily calorie consumption and calories to burn will be calculated. Users will be provided the diet plan and the workout plan to follow. Intermittent Fasting: Its a kind of diet plan that the users can choose. They can choose out of various intermittent fasting options to follow and we will keep on sending notifications to the users. Nutritive Salad Subscriptions: Users can take the subscriptions for the Nutritive Salads to the delivered to their door step. Event Passes: Information and passes for the various events happening around the vicinity of the users.
Member count: 1-10