Roxana Jones and Arnaud Saint-Paul are cofounders of HealThruWords® a brand dedicated to promote well-being through world-class mindfulness and personal development programs offered to individuals, executives, corporate leaders and groups working in stressful and high performance environments. Roxana is a best-selling and award-winning author, thought leader, consultant and teacher with an innate creative ability to navigate uncertainty and optimize change. Arnaud is a conscious technologist inspiring businesses and individuals around the world by helping them reach their highest potential. He has been awarded for his many outstanding achievements in innovation, technology and methodology. Since 2011, Arnaud and Roxana have worked together in spreading the positive reEvolution. To date, their exclusive HealThruWords® Inspirational Quotes have already reached and inspired more than 30 million. These Encoded Healing™ HealThruWords® Inspirational Quotes are a complimentary healing modality bringing amazing results. Arnaud and Roxana currently live in Sedona, AZ from where they manage their online and offline projects with the help of an amazing team of three other wonderful positive reEvolutionaries.
Location: United States, California, Palo Alto
Member count: 11-50