Healthgoal360 is a multipurpose medical and wellness platform Healthgoal360 is a comprehensive web portal that integrates medical and lifestyle information in one place. It helps chronic patients to track their blood sugar, physical activities, calorie intake etc. and share with their medical providers. In addition, healthgoal360 is a great tool for general health and wellness for general population. Pregnancy term management especially for diabetic women is also an important feature. Healthgoal360 web portal and companion apps are the main products. Chronic patients benefit from a free health and wellness platform. Medical providers will be able to obtain symptom and lifestyle data of their patients for pro- active care and better medical outcomes. Preventive maintenance initiatives aimed for minimizing claims will improve health plans? bottom line. Work-based wellness programs help companies to reduce their insurance cost. Psychographic characters of our customers include health consciousness, tech savviness and medical need.