Healthe by Lighting Science

Healthe by Lighting Science
BETTER LIGHT FOR A BETTER LIFE Healthe uses lighting science and technology to create solutions that support the health, wellbeing and performance of people through our built environments. Healthe is the leading provider of circadian and biological lighting solutions whose proprietary line of commercial and consumer products help regulate your body?s circadian clock, boost performance, enhance sleep and improve air quality. Our heritage lies in Lighting Science and NASA scientists who spent decades developing LED lighting technology for biological applications. This technology is now being adopted as part of the standard for human-centric built environments ? in homes, schools, offices, senior communities and healthcare facilities. Product & Service :- Healthe is the technology leader in developing and deploying circadian and biological lighting solutions for consumer and commercial industries that help regulate the body?s internal clock, boost performance, enhance sleep and improve air quality. Our patented technology produces circadian lighting for better health through interior spaces. Benefits & Advantages :- Our products help regulate sleep/wake cycles for a healthier circadian rhythm through light. Our high-quality lights boost alertness, increase energy and focus and improve mood, or produce a spectrum depleted of stimulating wavelengths to promote a better night's sleep. We offer simple, automated ecosystems for whole property lighting, that are easy to install and automatically produce the right light at the right time for passive health and wellbeing through the built environment.
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