First Decentralized hashing power marketplace ICO Date: May 18 ? June 19 (5 days left) Funding Amount at this moment - $13,255,746 Goal - $27,280,00 Price: 1 LUHN Token = 0,00008ETH Main investors: Soros Fund Management, Private Hong Kong-based blockchain investment fund (that previously purchased crypto mining BTCC Pool coinidol.com/hashrental-received-contribution), James Sowers, Private investors. About: HashRental marketplace connects sellers (miners) of hashing power with buyers of hashing power through smart contracts, decentralized Escrow. It offers convenient and easy-to-use tools for all crypto-market participants to create as much profit as possible. Hashrental is a First Decentralized Hashing Power Marketplace. LUHN coin corresponds to the price of one hour hashing power rent. The LUHN Token is one only token to allow holders to enter and exit cryptocurrency mining investments at any time at a cheap, profitable cost through its fast exchange and no having to buy expensive equipment
Member count: 1-10