A professional digital community for working-class Americans Hardworkers is a dedicated digital community that gives a professional voice to working-class Americans. Our mobile-only product is built around 3 principals. First, we want workers to feel recognized by sharing their day-to-day achievements with an audience that can truly empathize. This generates valuable data that makes workers visible to employers and trade schools. Second, we want them to stay on top of trends. For that, we are generating digestible articles and occupation-specific videos so they don?t have to feel lost and unprepared again. Finally, to build a true community, we are facilitating off-the-platform gatherings, so that hardworkers can take ownership of the community building. The community is just the first step. It generates trust and valuable data to help us understand the needs and preferences of our users. That uniquely positions us to bring even more value to these people by accessing such huge markets as upskilling, job placement, and financial products.
Member count: 1-10