Business calling solution for 21st century We help customers call businesses without typing phone numbers. Customers can simply speak or type which team they would like to speak to and connect with the correct department instantly.It is hard to remember phone numbers and we would like to change this. Currently, customers? type a telephone number or virtual number(13, 1300, 1800 number) to reach a business. The challenge is that context of the call is not communicated when dialing the number. They have press 0-9 (repeatedly) to reach the correct team. With our app, instead of typing numbers, customers can type the name of the business and team they would like to speak to and connected to correct team directly. The call centre number for American Airlines is 800-433-7300 and to reach miles program, I have type #, 2, and 2. On our app, customers can type or say, ?American Airlines miles? and are connected to rewards team instantly.
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