Long-term financial advice in your banking app For people who don't yet have a long-term financial plan and wouldn't mind having an extra ?500 at the end of the year; Halff is a financial advisor AI integrated into an all-in-one banking app. Unlike other mobile banking apps such as Revolut, Roov, or Yolt, that focus on everyday financial management, Halff solves the more complex needs in long-term planning and growth. Using open-banking, we aggregate all of a user's financial information into one banking app. After which our AI finds the most optimal financial plan for your situation. Including tax-planning, retirement, expensive bills, renovations, and more. Saving users up to a few thousand euros, for less than a coffee a month. We've already built our everyday features for our banking app, in only 3 months with 4 talented students. And our open-banking license is awaiting funding. Ready to launch, disrupt financial advice, and the new open-banking market with it!
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