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Fullscript is a free online supplement dispensary & patient adherence tool - we support practitioners & the wellness of patients at the point of care and beyond. 🌱 Switch between virtual dispensing, stocking supplements in-office, or writing one-to-many care to create a dispensing mix that fits your workflow. Use Fullscript to help automate refills and strengthen patient relationships from any device — or even within your EHR. Choose between a margin or no-margin account before browsing over 300 practitioner-grade brands with the industry’s best search. Fullscript also supports practices beyond the point-of-care. Adherence-boosting tools, automated marketing support, and curated patient wellness content will keep your patients on track and your practice top-of-mind. *** NEW! Wholesale ordering is now on Fullscript US! Natural Partners is becoming part of the Fullscript platform. Over 25 years of wholesale distribution expertise will soon be available right in your virtual dispensary.
Location: Canada, Ontario, (Old) Ottawa
Member count: 201-500
Total raised: $240M
Founded date: 2011

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