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Founded at Caltech in 2017, Fluid Efficiency is revolutionizing efficiency, safety, and sustainability in the fluid transport and lubrication industries. Their MSM-based Single Injection Flow Improver dramatically transforms liquid pipeline operations, delivering exceptional operational simplicity and cost efficiency. Existing pipeline flow improvers are ultra high molecular weight polymers that break in pumps, and must be re-injected after each pump to continue working. MSMs™ are self-repairing high molecular weight supramolecules, and thus only need to be added once. Using MSMs™ as flow enhancers reduces costs by enabling pipelines to operate with far fewer re-injection points and significantly lower cumulative volumes of material without any compromise in flow rates. MSMs™ allow pipelines to drastically reduce operating cost without affecting operations.
Location: United States, California, Pasadena

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-Fluid Efficiency“Fluid Efficiency's Single-Injection DRA™ is the most efficient additive for oil pipeline operations...fastfounde...

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