BrightSpec, Inc.

BrightSpec, Inc.
BrightSpec is an innovative life science tools company with a range of instruments that tap the power of molecular rotational resonance (MRR) spectroscopy. MRR enables the rapid, unambiguous molecular ID and quantitative analysis of mixtures, without separation, no chemometrics, and with no reference sample required. Not only can BrightSpec MRR complement other techniques such as Mass Spectrometry or NMR, in many cases MRR can solve problems not possible by these methods. For instance, MRR can easily distinguish between isomers (compounds with the same atoms but a different arrangement) or identify the exact site of deuteration of a molecule as well as quantify the number of each in the sample. BrightSpec is in the process of working with leading pharma, biotech, and academic players to develop breakthrough methods that will enable important advances in discovery. The company is also working with major chemical, oil & gas, consumer products, security, and environmental players to bring innovative solutions to these applied markets. The work is supported by research from a growing number of academic institutions as evidenced by a rising number of publications using BrightSpec instruments. BrightSpec builds on decades of federal and academic work in more than 110 research groups around the world. The technique was developed foremost in astrochemistry research. Using breakthrough technology developed by Brooks Pate at the University of Virginia, BrightSpec made this powerful technique of practical use by making the instrument significantly faster, cheaper, and easier to use. MRR spectra capture the unique set of rotational resonances, a fingerprint specific to a given molecular structure. These can be calculated theoretically based on quantum mechanics and are highly resolved. Isomers, isotopologues, diastereomers and enantiomers can be distinctly identified.
Location: United States, Virginia, Charlottesville
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Founded date: 2012

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