Advanced materials, such as carbon composites, will play a vital role as we look to decarbonize industries. While carbon composites help increase the strength to weight ratio and thereby reduce the carbon footprint of products in operations (e.g. reducing fuel consumption for airplanes and cars), they still have a negative impact on the environment when taking into account their embodied carbon. A significant amount of the embodied carbon is locked up in production of carbon fiber which creates 30% scrap (which often ends up in landfills). Boston Materials has the potential to reduce the embodied carbon impact by up to 40% by reducing carbon fiber waste (using scrap directly in their process) and recycling carbon fiber at the end of life (diverting products from landfill). The Company’s proprietary process makes reclaimed carbon fiber cost effective and scalable while being environmentally friendly. Boston Materials enables the adoption of high performance, lightweight parts that are vital to our efforts to decarbonize industries.
Total raised: $9.75M
Founder name: Anvesh Gurijala

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