Easy, fair and fun way to buy & sell pre-owned bikes BikeFair is an online marketplace for comfortable buying and selling verified non-stolen bicycles. The idea of BikeFair arose from our personal need to buy a cheap (yet usable) bike for everyday use in the Netherlands. That felt like an extremely hard & annoying thing to with the existent tools. We are also fed up by the number of bikes we and our friends have already lost to theft, and we realized there is a way out of this: we can cut the demand for stolen bikes by creating a nice and easy-to-use alternative. Thus, designed to prevent trading stolen bikes, BikeFair offers an easy and fun to use service alternative to the shady dude trying to sell you an obviously stolen bike on the corner at midnight. If you ever have a different experience, please let us know. It?s a platform of bikers for bikers, after all - so let?s make it awesome for everyone.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $70K

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