BEST ebike conversion kit Bikee Bike is the most powerful e-bike in the world. The secret sauce is the new motor technology we patented which combines all the elements to get the most out of the motor. Because of that the e-bikes outperforms any existing product in terms of power, torque and efficiency. That gives the e-bike a cutting edge in terms of added value which translates in higher margins or a more competitive price. As a final note, the beautiful design is something unique in this kind of high-performing e-bikes. The possibility to sell smaller version of the motor makes a good fit for mass production, meeting the law criteria for European and US markets. A viable option is to sell the kit composed by motor, battery and controller as a conversion kit, for user to transform their current bike into an electric bike. To fit this latter option we developed a special version of the motor which can be fitted into any standard bike frame.
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