Learning based Adventure The urban population of India, busy with routines, working and partying very hard, sharing everything they do, spending much time online, has developed 2 very basic cravings: For self-recognition and For healthy lifestyle (physical and mental). All we have is Gyms where the iron rods, weights, and machines bore you. Yoga is one upcoming option but it ain't that exciting, esp for the next Gen. Adventure has the potential to solve both these problems in one shot! It's extremely thrilling, tests real endurance in a natural setting, and if done with method and style, can boost you like you got high on weed! Self Recognition & Health are two problems that we target to solve for people and we have a style. It's not a service based company that invites people to indulge in "Yes Sir". Our motto is Learning based Adventure, so that, people experience adventure in a safe, rewarding, and challenging way. Out of comfort zone is where we take and port you to a superior 'self-zone'