Ethnobotanical Hair and Skin Care Bijoux's Basket is a unique brand that is handcrafted from ethnobotanical traditional preparations that are the newest wave in the natural hair care industry. These refined organic ingredients all work together to promote trip quality benefits in a sulfate, silicon, and paraben free way! The idea behind this brand is to promote nutritive beauty! By incorporating aromatherapy and holistic remedies with hair care products one can create a customer experience like no other while fulfilling a customers need for healthy, shining hair or soft, radiant skin! Bijoux's Basket contains a diverse variety of unisex products with a select few men's only products (our beard balm has been our most popular item)! These products range from body butters and face masks/washes to herb infused hair oils and hand whipped curling cremes. Affordable and addictive! Bijoux's Basket is guaranteed to receive and sustain customer satisfaction!