Big Ideas 3D Printing is bringing manufacturing back to the South African people through Additive manufacturing and the sale of Industrial 3D Printing technology, creating empowerment as well as productivity. We source or create the most viable manufacturing techniques to suite each specific product for each customer in a variety of Metals, Plastics and Rubbers. Big Ideas 3D Printing has worked extensively both through the sale of hardware as well as custom manufacturing in the following fields: - Automotive - Aviation - Mining - Agriculture - Marine - Home and Decor - Advanced Prototyping and Production (Functional testing and certification) - Large scale manufacturing Solutions i.e. Injection moulding - Large sculptures, statues and custom Event installations We are always excited to work on new projects so if you have any queries about 3D printing or you would like to discuss the potential benefits of utilizing the services of Big Ideas 3D Printing. Think Big .. Think Big Ideas 3D Printing..
Location: South Africa
Member count: 11-50
Phone: +27 83 352 0743