next level gamification I first had the idea for ?Invasion? in the summer of 2012 while I was watching a nature show on Animal Planet. The program described the incredible strength constricting snakes have when crushing their prey. I idealized a game that would allow the user to move, sneak, strike, constrict and consume its prey. The Burmese Python is a popular exotic pet that becomes expensive and difficult to manage due to their rapid growth and costly maintenance. Many times these unwanted pets are released into the the Everglades ecosystem.These snakes have become a serious threat to the natural ecosystem of the Everglades. This interactive documentary will include the sights, sounds, environments and as many possible details to make the user feel as though they are on an expedition into south Florida?s swamp. I am hoping this project will entertain as much as it will enlighten the user on themes relating to conservation, invasive species and natural ecosystems