UK Big Gay Night out
UK ONLY GAY TOURING EVENT Commercialising on the fact that Gay and Lesbian people travel to other Cities to party, as thats where most other Gay venues are. ?15 gets them return travel and entry into the club, perfect for younger people with low income. These events have seen venues increase sales by 30% + It has now become a brand, and we are looking to take it to the next level. We have pride events wanting to book us, and we are now hiring venues ourself nationally to make even more money, aswell as Gay Clubs around the Country wanting to book up. rather than just be a Coach focused event, we would like to tie in hotel deals too. Gay and Lesbian clubbing (outside London) is dying off, in weekly venues, because of equality, and social networking apps and websites. All national gay clubs are having to take a mixed approach to stay afloat, this is the future. There won't be any "gay" clubs. This paths a way for a Gay focused event like this. And leading to a National Gay Event too.
Member count: 1-10