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Big Frame
Last activity: 13.05.2014
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Big Frame is a media company that provides marketing and production resources for the biggest YouTube Influencers, and creates video advertising campaigns for top brands that reach the right audience next to premium content. The Big Frame network on YouTube represents top online talent including MysteryGuitarMan, Destorm, Julian Smith, DaveDays, WhatsUpElle, Tay Zonday, and more, helping them grow their audiences and give their fans more of what they love. Big Frame specializes in seamlessly integrating brands into their high quality video content. Big Frame connects brands directly with their artists on YouTube and the social web to ensure a personalized experience and strong audience engagement. The company has executed branded campaigns for global clients including The Home Depot, Sony Electronics, THQ, Virgin Mobile, Levis and Fox.
Location: United States, California, West Hollywood
Employees: 11-50
Total raised: $3M
Founded date: 2011

Investors 4

Funding Rounds 1


Mentions in press and media 8

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