Smart Systematic File and Email Archiving Email Archive BFC provides secure, perpetual storage and policy management necessary with the predictable costs and scalability of a true cloud architecture. With 8 second search SLA archived information is instantly accessible, making it easy for employees or administrators to find a single email or to support a larger e-discovery case. A single unified archive in the BFC delivers scalability, rapid information access and data assurance ? without the spiraling expense of hardware and software typical of legacy on-premises solutions. Long-term storage Due to business & compliance requirements, organisations are required to protect their data for years, and over time data grows exponentially. Traditionally, tape was used for long-term retention. However BFC provides a compelling alternative to tape with significant cost savings, shorter recovery times and up to 99 years of retention. Our smart systematic cloud servers can securely store files whilst offering a 2-3 hour download SLA.
Member count: 1-10