Big Data For Humans
Transforming the way retail and travel businesses understand and sell to their customers Big Data For Humans enables retail and travel companies understand their customers and make more money. Our Data Science-as-a-Service platform automates customer insights, then enables regular business users to execute successful customer marketing programs. Around 15-25% of annual sales are available by targeting one more order or booking from our clients' core customer groups. Differentiators: - We automate customer insights dynamically so you don't have to run complex expert driven routines - We enable anyone in the marketing team to interpret these insights on demand - You can action group data available on demand so you don't have to wait in tech queues - We deploy rapidly - typically in a couple of weeks , vs 2-9 months required by other vendors - We automate your customer graph - an unique approach which is mathematically similar to social networks Our global client roster is diverse including start-ups and multi-nationals like AirAsia, Tesco and Selfridges.
Location: United Kingdom, Edinburgh
Member count: 11-50
Total raised: $3.6M

Investors 2

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