We empower the worlds Independents The Big Box Co are a progressive team of property developers, entrepreneurs, creatives, and out of the box fresh thinkers who blend big ideas and expertise, with the goal of creating a positive change in people and communities across the globe. We are as much a cultural movement as we are a retail and co working platform.Our philosophy is one which cultivates the spirit of entrepreneurship and at the same time promotes social and environmental initiative?s core to our DNA. We create inspirational omni-channel retail platform?s that are responsive to the productivity needs, and stylistic preferences of today?s mobile, creative entrepreneur. We do that by repurposing traditional physical bricks and mortar spaces that have become redundant as a result of a structural shift in the market place. We reinvent the old, and embrace the new in everything we do, creating market platform?s powered by technology, underpinned by the spirit of our members.
Member count: 11-50