Bringing 3D and Synchronous Multiplayer to Facebook Most social games are not truly social and have no real-time interaction between players. They are mostly 2D games, which all follow the same recipe of asynchronous and inherently single player gameplay, with no real social mechanics. Big Bite Soccer brings true social interaction to the genre, by allowing players to play against each other in real-time, in a console quality 3D environment suited for all ages. The game revolves around playing ranked matches against other online players, and allows for between 2 and 20 simultaneous players in the same game! Its unique manager side allows players to unfold their creativity by setting tactics and customizing both their team, but also individual players. We'll be the first to market, as there are no synchronous multiplayer sports games on Facebook, nor are there any games that combine the realtime element with the football manager.
Member count: 1-10