The New Standard for Generating Company Growth Big Bang has created the ultimate service to get a website from being just something a company has to maintain, to being the main source in lead generation and sales. Just think; we have the Big Bang software power of Moz, Crazy Egg and Optimizely combined and the consulting finesse of Zendesk: this efficiency allows us to break the price barrier down from the industry standard of $3,000 a month to an amazing $150. Through a lot of late nights and excess coffee binges, we have created the most affordable and effective way to generate more traffic and sales online. We do this by using a hybrid model with the best software for SEO (search engine optimisation) and conversion rate optimisation and a world-class consulting service. Our corny TechCrunch Disrupt one-liner - "We have revolutionising the way companies launch and create their online presence." We have already successfully broken even. We are looking for investment to further boost our growth rate.
Total raised: $50K