It's a big world. Create a big reputation Studies have shown that resumes don?t reflect a persons work ethic, or ability to drive a project to completion. So how do you hire the right person? Big.World is a web platform to create accurate and lasting reputations. These reputations are created by exhibiting projects and real life events and allowing for in-depth descriptions, and feedback via ?high-fives? from team members, associates, managers, and even subordinates. The world has grown, but our ability to create a reputation hasn?t grown with it. Big.World is a platform to create a reputation for the 21st century, that is easily accessible to any individual and can travel anywhere any time with a person, either up a floor, across the Bay, or around the world. We are excited to introduce you to Big.World and we have a lot more to say, feel free to contact us and we can tell you more!