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BIER HUB is the first Brazilian accelerator of nano breweries, created to promote the regional craft beer segment and to democratize the product.? -We deliver economic scale for the craft brewery to reach increased production volumes with lower costs? -Offer craft beer at consumer's reach at fair prices through sales force at a international distribution network? -Emancipate a life style, creating mass of craft beer consumers? -Bier Hub as a love brand, recognized as hub by the entire craft beer value chain? We believe that in a positive entrepreneurial ecosystem, in which the brewer has access to inputs, high-quality production units and distribution capillarity, being able to produce in large scale, at lower cost and greater profitability, the consumer will end up accessing high-quality craft beers at fair prices, incorporating to its life style, resulting in a virtuous cycle that will democratize craft beer. The best beers are home!
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $650K