A marketplace where people and businesses compete for the things you need done BidWilly is a service management company where companies choose to bid on contracts in order to win new business. We are currently located in Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa, West Palm Beach, Houston, and Dallas. Our service operates at a extremely low overhead cost whereas customer acquisition cost is only $9 per customer. Each customer earns BidWilly an average profit of $102 a year. The nature of our business is similar to that of Angie's List when you think about the ease of use in finding a highly rated professional to provide quality work. The main difference between us and Angie's List is that our customers pay on average 40-60% lower when hiring a contractor when using our system. BidWilly has a database of all registered businesses ready to bid on any contract posted. During beta we have processed more than $2 million in transactions.
Total raised: $150K

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