auction for luxury travel Bidtotrip is the first auction site that allows you to enjoy luxury travels around the world for the price you decide it worths! Thanks to a social mechanism of sign-up and share, once the auction goes live every destination is available starting at zero Pounds. Deals are concluded at rates discounted up to the 98% of the actual value. Didn?t win? No worries! The entire offered amount is returned to the member?s wallet (exception made for the amount that was necessary to enter the auction, normally a few Pounds). The auction prize is a travel voucher, valid through a 6 month-period and always available even during long weekends, festivities etc. Once the auction is over, if the hotel partner agrees, a flash sale is launched right away and the system will send via email a special personalized offer dedicated to all those who took part to the bidding process without gaining. Every one of them receives a targeted proposal for the holiday dream.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $100K