Patented bidding platform for services Bidology offers an online bidding platform that connects consumers to local service providers at no charge. Service Directories like Angie?s List, HomeAdvisor, and Thumbtack fail to fully empower the Consumer, and they charge Service Providers for leads that do not guarantee business. At Bidology, consumers enter a bid amount they are willing to pay for a service to be completed. We then connect that qualified consumer to matching service providers at no charge. Once hired, we administer payment directly through our site, and release funds to the provider once the job is complete, or in milestone payments as mutually agreed upon. After the service, both the consumer and provider rate their level of satisfaction, and can even post to social media their experience. For the service, we deduct a small 2% fee from the Providers payment. Additionally, we provide value added offerings that fully empower the consumer while supporting growth within the local community.